Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land..

If you don't like it, move to another country.

"Otherwise quit complaining and move to a country that supports socialism."
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"By definition wouldn't "Un-Occupy America" be equivalent to saying, "Leave America?" Great! Then get the hell out!" Read more

And the OWS protestors and supporters are saying it too. Back and forth people are telling each other that if they disagree with each other not only are they stupid and wrong but they should go live somewhere else.

I want people on any side to STOP SAYING THIS RIGHT NOW!! It is un-American, un-kind, and unintelligent.
I'm serious I will turn this car around RIGHT NOW if you don't play nice.

I want everyone to STOP telling each other to go live in a different country. I want everyone to STOP with this "us vs them" mentality!

There are sites all over Facebook, all over blogs, all over the internets, all over everywhere - where people are talking about how stupid the other side is and how they want to protest the other side for protesting them. Yes that's good. Because what we need now is more insults, more clashing, more division, and virtual uncivil war against each other. We haven't had enough chaos and suffering and violence. Let's turn it on ourselves now.

What is the end goal exactly?

I thought the whole point of America was that we value living beside people who share different ideas.

I live amongst people with different values, beliefs, politics, lifestyles, and even when they've pissed me off, and I mean drove me nuts, it never occurred to me that they, or I, should move to another country. I just thought maybe we shouldn't have barbecues together. And then I changed my mind about that too because even the people I work with who are the most different from me, well we can get together and have a laugh because we found things we shared in common despite our differences.

I want to make it clear that this blog is titled UnOccupy America NOT to unoccupy America from the OWS supporters or the antisupporter supporters, the protestors of protestors of protestors. It is called UnOccupy America because I think "occupying" anything implies Imperialism, violence, and domination.

By truly unoccupying America, we would create a more just and egalitarian society, we would not be at war at home or abroad, and we would have to give serious compensation and conversation to the Native Americans whose lands we've occupied and African Americans who we forced to occupy lands we occupied. No? Too lefty-radical for you?

Well then OWS supporters, think of another slogan and fast. Anti-OWS supporters, get your heads out of your asses. I would like to live in a civil society of mutual respect of all citizens, from those with whom we bbq or share our passions our dreams and our ideals, to those whom we do not understand, cannot comprehend, and who make us rant and rave in our kitchens. But then we leave our kitchens and enter the great playing field of a free and moral and tolerant society of all kinds of people from all kinds of places and we live together.

Now, let's play nicely please.